The surest way to reduce working capital is to manage credit more efficiently.

Open Banking

CreDec is an authorised Open Banking provider of payment initiation and account information services.

You can check our accreditation by the Financial Conduct Authoirity and via the Open Banking website.


Keeping your bank security information safe

When CreDec invites you to authorise payment via CreDec's own secure website, using Open Banking, your personalised bank security credentials are only made available to your bank, not CreDec.

CreDec opens a secure window with your bank to allow you to authorise your bank directly to make payments from your bank acount securely.

Your personalised security credentials used to authorise payments via CreDec and to access your bank account online are never visible to or stored by CreDec at any time.


Always keep your bank personalised security credentials safe and do not share them with anyone.