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Senior Director Retires

28 June 2012
Sir Simon Watson, has retired from the Board of Ardohr Limited. Sir Simon, who had a distinguished career in banking with the Lloyds banking group before he joined CreDec, has been a member of the board for over 10 years. He stood down earlier this year.

Head of London 2012 New Media Joins CreDec

1 May 2012
Alex Balfour, Head of New Media for London 2012, has been appointed a director of CreDec. Formerly the co-founder and Chairman of, one of the world’s largest sports websites, he has a distinguished record as a champion of new media.

Mobile Banking Research Project – Update

10 April 2012
CreDec’s internal research project into mobile payments, announced in September 2011, has concluded and now reported. The project’s findings while not being published have yielded considerable insights that will provide the basis of further detailed evaluation.

Winning Designer

14 March 2012
CreDec has developed distinctive new designs for its latest set of leaderboard, MPU and skyscraper ads for affiliates and partner web advertising for use in forthcoming UK marketing campaigns set to commence over the next 8 weeks.

New CRM Systems

8 February 2012
CreDec’s Customer Relationship Management platforms are scheduled to complete their migration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM by the end of February 2012.