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New technology partner

15 November 2012
CreDec is now working with Infotex, the Suffolk based web technology group. CreDec and Infotex have collaborated on third party projects previously and this new announcement builds on this existing relationship.

Social Media Project

10 October 2012
CreDec are late converts to business social media channels, but this may change, based on a recent internal review of the operation of Twitter and LinkedIn. CreDec has been observing social media initiatives closely in similar businesses and is warming to the idea, it appears.

Latest data on global credit tightening

30 September 2012
Current market data on global credit conditions continue to indicate significant and worrying trends across all global markets of further credit tightening.

New Edinburgh offices

28 August 2012
CreDec has taken on additional office space in Edinburgh at 16 Young Street, at the centre of Edinburgh’s New Town north of Charlotte Square. The development by City & Wharf Limited, was carried out in conjunction with CreDec who specified the new building’s voice and data infrastructure. Additional space in the building has been sub-let under City & Wharf’s brand, Nexus Creative Space.

CSR formally adopted

4 July 2012
CreDec has formally committed to acknowledge its Corporate Social Responsibilities by deciding to adopt a centralised approach to the initiatives it has previously undertaken. The Company believes this will allow it to achieve more, rather than continuing to support charitable and social endeavours on a reactive, piecemeal basis.