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Stop Press! New press zone

11 June 2014 has a new press zone to manage press contacts and ensure press enquiries are handled efficiently.

Payments on your screen

30 May 2014
The rapid uptake of mobile payments in consumer markets has taken a lot of industry experts by surprise.

Move on up

30 April 2014
CreDec has moved to new offices, taking advantage of the larger and newer office development of Nexus at 21 Young Street Edinburgh.

Talk of East Enders, Poirot & CreDec

28 March 2014
What do they have in common? Well Andrew Watson, who is the voice most commonly associated with CreDec’s animated graphics and other video content, has previously appeared in both these series among other TV appearances.

Spring Daffodils

4 February 2014
Spring means daffodils, and - in a tenuous reference to Wordsworth’s poem - ‘clouds’.