The speed and reliability of how you make payments to staff and suppliers tells its own story.

Customer Approach

Solutions that fit the customer
Our solutions are built around the customer, using modular, adaptive systems. We work with the legacy accounting systems, personnel and business processes our clients have invested in. CreDec clients enjoy operational solutions that work for their individual business.

Central to our success is the ability to fit our solutions to our Client’s own systems and software without interruption. CreDec’s integration capabilities are at the heart of what we do and allow our proprietary systems to connect easily with our customers processes.

Account management
We assign account managers to all our client relationships with proven commercial and operational expertise, who both support the client and add measurable value.

Risk management
CreDec assess each new customer application on an individual basis, using our own risk assessment models, unlike the UK clearing banks who typically rely on automated computer based credit scoring systems to assess customer credit applications.

This allows us to take a much broader view both in our assessment of each customer and in our security requirements.

Customer service
CreDec has a very strong business culture of customer service excellence and continuously strives to deliver world class customer service to its clients.

We pride ourselves in delivering highly personalised, effective service to our clients and strive to provide this from the very first contact.

We always commit to contractually binding, clear and specific service levels agreements with our customers, as part of our formal agreements. We like to work on the basis that if we are happy to give an assurance to a customer then we are happy to be bound by what we say.

Long-term relationships
CreDec is committed to building long term relationships with our clients, to our and your mutual advantage. This is a central qualification against which we assess all potential client relationships.

Delivering on our promises
We have a reputation for delivering what we say we'll deliver. We like to prove it.