Bad credit drives out good credit.

Payment Processing

Our electronic payment processing capabilities and our ability to track all payments end-to-end is at the heart of everything we do. The processing of credit and debit payables and receivables payment transactions is a CreDec core competence. These capabilities span both B2B and C2B payments.

CreDec’s long-standing systems expertise allows us to integrate seamlessly with a client’s legacy accounting systems and third party software – not the other way around – to ensure we can always automate the capture of client data for presenting and processing their payments.

In the UK CreDec uses its direct access to the BACS network to originate and terminate client payments for all client credit and debit transactions in our clients’ own name.

In the EU, CreDec uses the SDD, the SEPA (Single European Payment Area) Direct Debit / Credit Transfer schemes for EU payments and international networks for out of area payments.